Nutrition & Storage


Each product varies with topping/fillings.

Dark chocolate brownie base & Blondie base   

Ingredients (allergens in Bold)

Sugar, Flour (wheat) , Eggs, Butter (Milk) Cocoa mass.

Although unlikely, Nut traces may be present in all of our products.

All our products are suitable for vegetarians. 

Because of the hand made production process, slight inconsistencies in sizes/weight and numerous flavour options, we can not give an an exact calorie count. We can give the following guides-

Our brownies (dark chocolate base) start at around 380-Kcal ranging to 450.

Our Blondies (white chocolate base) start at around 400-Kcal ranging to 480.

For more accurate information please contact us via email/store contact or our in app chat.


All brownies are supplied fresh. They can be stored in an air-tight container or refrigerated. This will prolong the life for around 5-7 days after you receive them. For best results, consume at room temperature. Our products can be frozen for up to a month. Again for best results keep sealed/air-tight. 

Brownies can be microwaved to warm and/or freshen up (15-20 seconds).